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The Drum Wallet

“The real benefit to The Pocket Watch over using one’s own personal wallet or another device, is in the way
it has been engineered specifically to function as a quick and easy drum dampening device.” Patrick goes on to say.
“The Pocket Watch is placed on the drum by threading durable hook and loop fasteners to the tension rods. These allow
for easily adjustable application, removal, and reliability during a performance. It’s easy, fast and has been the
savior of my tone. It’s like I always say . . . The Pocket Watch keeps YOU in the pocket!”

The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch, like The Drum Wallet, still allows for the initial stick attack to be true and unaffected, due to the
split second that the product spends in mid-air away from the drum head. This "bounce" is due to the percussive wave of
the initial drum stick stroke. However, faster than the eye can see, the weight falls back to the head, thus cancelling
out any unwanted reverberations by dampening the head with its mass and still maintaining rich full tone and clear attack.
“These characteristics make it perfect not only for drummers of all ages and ability levels, but also for live sound engineers,
backline rentals, professional and private recording studios, schools, orchestras and anyone else who has issues wrestling
with snare drum sounds.” Says Patrick, of who could benefit from using The Pocket Watch. "Thanks to our Artists, The Drum Wallet
has been from Radio City Music Hall to Abbey Road.