(Some NAMM 2010 Quotes)

Ray Luzier - Love it, Love it! That is awesome! I’m going to show this to everybody, in my clinics too!

Omar Hakim - That’s F#&@ing genius! I love it!

Clayton Cameron - This is great! I’m going to share this with all of my students! If you want to stay in the pocket, get The Drum Wallet!

J.R. Robinson - I like it! I love it! When can I get one? This is cool, I appreciate it!

Seven Antonopoulos - "That's the beauty of it; it's the simplicity of it!"

Brendan Buckley - "I love simple things, it's a great idea!"

Ryan Amato - "Cool man, that's awesome! That's a good idea!"

Chip Ritter - "That's fantastic!"

Daniel De Los Reyes - "This is great! It's a wonderful idea!"

Jo Jo Mayer - "That's cool, I like it! Simple things are best!"

Peter Erskine - "Thank you, I'll use it! Good little idea!"

Adam D. from Meinl U.S.A. - I’ve thought of this a hundred times, and it seems pretty practical. This is awesome!, It’s pretty solid, that’s pretty awesome!

Jon B. from Pork Pie Percussion - Right on!

Ric S. from Brady Drum Company - That’s cool!

John G. from DW Drums - Very cool! That’s a good idea!

Kevin P. from Ludwig - Wow! That’s crazy!

Joe K. from Craviotto Drum Co. - Cool idea! It’s a smart idea! It’s a hell of an idea!

Jotan Afandor: "That's wicked! You are going rock this!"

Steve C. from Tycoon Percussion and Dancing Drums - That’s cool man! This is great!

Mike K. from Shine Drums - That’s cool! I think it’s gonna be pretty sweet!

Herbie M. from Remo - It’s great! I like it! It’s simple, and that’s why I like it!

Eric Brown - "It works, I like it!"

John F. from Remo - Cool!

Phil H. from DRUM magazine - Great Idea!

Dave C. from DRUM magazine - It’s awesome! It’s great!

Michael D. from Modern Drummer magazine - I love that idea!

(Some Email Testimonials)

Dave Challenger - "Hey Chad. I'm doing fantastic and truly loving The Drum Wallet. I have performed many shows and countless hours since first receiving The Drum Wallet and I must say that I am a true fan. In addition, I have sent many drummers your way after they have complimented your product and showed interest in having one for themselves. I will certainly provide video and/or photos as soon as I get the opportunity to do so. Until then you can be certain that there are two wallets I never leave home without. One holds my identification and the other holds the identity of many additional sound, dampening, control and tone options. I thank you, my band mates thank you and the audio engineers thank you."

Dave Challenger - It was a true pleasure to meet you during NAMM week. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me at Second Fiddle and for the use of The Drum Wallet. I have now played over 36 hours with the use of your product and I must say that I and the many musicians I have performed with since adding The Drum Wallet to my arsenal, love it. I can't thank you enough for throwing the product to me while I was drumming. I must say that is the first time anyone has ever handed their wallet over to me. I'm looking forward to all future opportunities we may have with working together. I am a true believer in The Drum Wallet.

Rich Redmond (Drummer/Producer/Clinician) - How are you? We met at The summer NAMM in Nashville last week! I love the idea behind your product and would like to field test it. I could lead the charge for you in the Nashville market. I am currently the touring and recording drummer for country rocker Jason Aldean. I have played on 3 of his platinum records, and 10 top ten hits, 5 of which were #1 hits. I am a very active recording drummer and recently won 'Best Country Drummer', 'Best Clinician' and 'Best Recorded Performance' in the 2010 Modern Drummer Reader Polls.

Paul Vnuk - Hey Chad, Glad you liked the review. Just wanted to let you know that I have been using it at pretty much every gig and session since! Wayyyyy better than gels and such!

Mike Metlay, PhD (nuclear physics: no, really!)Associate Editor, RECORDING Magazine -
Chad. It's a very cool product! Keep us in the loop on new developments.

Zach F - i was browsing through youtube today and i wondered upon the infomercial for the drum wallet and i have to say this is a pretty ingenious product Ive been behind a kit for about two and a half years now and I'm getting extremely tired of finding that my moon gels have gone MIA. I will be sure that everyone who watch's my drum uploads knows what keeps me in the pocket! Remember... If thine enemy hath wronged you, buy weapons of mas percussion!

Nate "86" Stalfa - Nashville, TN - Hey Chad, You gave me a drum wallet while you were in town for NAMM. After our set at Layla's you gave me a quick tutorial on it's use. I spent all day in the studio yesterday, and the Drum Wallet saved the day, because my 12'' snare tends to have one hell of a ring to it. So thanks, and what a great thing to have in one's drum bag. Contact me if you want me to write anything about The Wallet or please feel free to use my name and/or words to promote your product. Thanks, bro!!

Jay Smith - "Mercy Killers" "SIFT" - "I use the Drum Wallet to quickly manipulate drum tones and eliminate unwanted ring. I've been using it not only on snare drums, but gongs, basses, and timbales as well. Why didn't I think of that?"

Jeremy Warren - I came across your video on youtube and so i decided to check it out and investigate more. I am a drummer in Nashville TN. I have been on tour over the past few years with different artist from Country, CCM, Rock but in the recent year I have been doing alot of studio work. At a few sessions the engineer and assistant engineer have been constructing these pieces of duck tape that hangs on the rim of the drum, and a 2-3 inch piece that is 2 or 3 plys thick that lays on the tom. (sticky side up) the piece will bounce up and down to control over tones and ringing. But you get your rims with tape residue, and you cant just remove them when your tracking on the same tracking session but wanting to adjust the drum to ring more or even less.

I would be interested in trying out one or two. I am not sure if you have someone in the Nashville area that use and endorse your product. I would like to be considered. From what I read about your product i believe it is.
something that drummers and engineers would love to know about and use. As you know Nashville is the recording capital of the world, and I believe your product would fit right in. I would be able to let top producers and engineers know and see your learn about the Drum Wallet. I have recently been tracking at Kings of Leon FOH studio. I am sure their personal live and studio engineers will be very interested. You can go to my Nashville Music Pro page and read more about me, and see videos if you would like. I hope to hear back form you soon. Thanks, and I am glad I found your product.
I currently endorse Silver Fox sticks, attack drum heads, and soultone cymbals, and Phatfoot

Lívio - Dude,thats a great idea!
Im a professional drummer gigin" in Germany for 2 years.I lost the count of how many stage jams or last minute gigs i made with drumsets of others,and the snare sound was just out of control! I wish i had known this thing before! Looks very practical. I hope you get a lot of support from everybody and get this product hyped up! Wish u the best!

PAITSCH - I saw an ad for the Drum Wallet in DRUM! magazine. I was curious, so I looked it up.

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